Welcome to Online Bookings!

YWCA Health + Fitness members can register for workouts or classes at their convenience. 

- Members may hold up to 4 bookings, and book 3 hours to 8 days in advance, maximum 1 per day
- For bookings within 3 hours of your desired workout/class time, please email for availability as the system will not allow you to book in that time frame
 - All bookings are for 75 minutes in the facility, unless stated otherwise e.g. 90-minute gym workouts.  For gym workouts at Fitness + Racquet Club, select the location drop-in field.  
 - For hot tub and/or steam room use, please book a pool lane for now
 - Pool lanes are for 30 minutes - you can use the gym for up to 45 minutes before or after your pool reservation.  Arrive on the pool deck no more than 5 minutes before your booking, and leave promptly at the end of your time slot.  Hot tub/steam room use must be within the reservation time


REMINDER - you must log into your account before you make the bookings.  Please be patient while the system loads, if you receive a prompt about the unresponsive page, click WAIT and continue to wait until the page becomes responsive.  


The online waitlist for swim lanes will no longer be serviced due to its lack of consistency in managing the resource.  Please do not put your name on the list.  Feel free to check back on the booking site for availabilities.


In an effort to reduce the number of unused lanes and meet the demand for the pool, no-shows or late cancellations (less than 3 hours) for lane bookings will be charged a $10 fee, effective January 23, 2021. 


 1. Note the booking policy above!
 2. Select the location of your workout with the drop-down menu
 3. Click on the ‘Resource Group’ drop-down menu to select the type of booking you’d like to make – aquatics, group fitness or gym access.  FRC will only have gym access.  Disregard the 'internal use only' category.  DO NOT USE the 'Book a Reservation' button as it's not relevant for our booking set up 
 4. Select the resource within that group - 3rd fl workout, studio one classes or swim lane
 5. Click the calendar icon to the right to select the date you’d like to work out.  NOTE - week view will take longer to load depending on the resource e.g. pool lanes
 6. Click the time or class in the calendar that you’d like to book – the reservation details and availability will appear. TIP - the numbers in the bracket indicate how many spots are booked out of the total available e.g. (0/4) means 0 have been booked out of 4 whereas (3/4) is 3 spots have been booked out of 4 so there's one spot left!
 7. Please enter your email address for booking confirmation.  Two duplicate automatic system confirmations will be sent to your email address.  Disregard the extra confirmation as it will be disabled soon
 8. Read and accept the terms and conditions then click NEXT
 9. Read and verify the booking details then click CONFIRM
 10. A message will appear to confirm you are now booked – click OK and you’re done!  Check your email for the booking confirmation.  Be sure to also check your junk/spam folder

If you have any questions or need to cancel your booking(s), please email  NOTE - you cannot self-cancel, it must be submitted to the bookings mailbox. 


Masks must be worn at all times including when you’re exercising.  Masks can be removed when showering, swimming or using the steam room.



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